Chinese Scooters

  • These are the cheapest and worst scooters on the planet. But they still can be worth the money if you like to gamble. New 150cc ones cost between $1100-1400. 50cc ones cost about $900-1100 new. Used you're looking at between $400-600 for a 150cc or a 50cc chinese scooter.
  • BOTH oils need to be changed every 1000 miles or less. Mandatory!!! Yes, there is TWO oils to change, the motor and the gear oil.
  • You need to run 91 SUPER-unleaded gas at all times.
  • If you REALLY depend on your scooter then you need to get a JAPANESE scooter, Stella, Sym, or Vespa (the best). Great deals on used ones!
  • There is a reason shops WON'T work on these so don't give me a hard time if yours happens to have a few problems. I didn't make it, I just attempt repair.
  • There is a lot of performance parts for these scooters and they are CHEAP. NEVER ride these on the freeway, but you can upgrade and get a lot of performance on the street and go up hills fast.
  • 9 out of 10 of these scooters will last with oil changes, 91 gas, and regular riding. If you neglect it in any way then expect it to fail. NEW ones fail sometimes.


  • Make sure the bike you ride is NOT too much for you. I laugh at all the guys who get a GSXR1000 for their first bike. FOOLS! Are you stupid? Start off with a low CC bike and get used to it before you move up to a bigger bike. Stop with the macho-ness, you know that bike is too much for you and you will eventually crash hard, they always do.

  • Make sure your bike is NOT too weak. You want to have enough power to pull away from cars fast. You are in danger if you can barely keep the speed that cars are going. You need decent acceleration, period.

  • Make sure your bike fits you. The handlebars, footpegs, and gearshift should be super-comfortable and adjusted to YOU only. A good fitting bike is so much fun to ride! Anything else is lame and also dangerous.


  • Make sure you bike is properly maintained. Even something as small as an oil change can KILL you if it's done wrong. The oil will leak on your back tire and you will crash hard in a turn.

  • Don't do work on your bike unless it's going to be perfect and correct. I know you want to do it yourself, but you need to be taught first. Bad work will KILL you as well. Don't let cheapness and wanting to save a few bucks get yourself KILLED. Let me show you how to do it the right way, then you can attempt it.

  • Keep aware of what maintenance your bike needs and do it. Don't let your bike go to hell, keep it in tip-top condition please. It deserves it. This means good tires, brakes, cables, and handling.

So where do we start? So many important things to discuss about riding bikes.

I think I will stay in the category of safety, which is always most important.

Riding Style

  • The way I ride is defensive and offensive at the same time. Traffic is crazy these days, and drivers have never been more careless, angry, and distracted with cell phones. People just don't see you on the road, and they generally don't care. You need to defensive in keeping cars away from your space, and also offensive in moving away from cars in your space, and driving too close.

  • Firstly, never let any cars beside you, period. You are riding in front or behind the cars on either side of you. This gives you an escape to the right or left if you need.

  • Secondly, do NOT tailgate, or let anyone tailgate you. Tailgating leaves NO room to move in case of emergency. If you go down on the freeway you will probably die.

  • Thirdly, ride comfortable. Make sure you have protective clothing and it fits well, is warm if needed, and is visible. You can't ride properly if your freezing cold.

  • Fourthly, wear protective clothing. The motto I go by is "don't dress for the road, dress for the crash". You can be protected and still be comfortable and cool.

  • Fifthly, don't ride angry, sad, or emotional. Riding on the road is a serious and life-threatening deal. You should be level-headed before you ride.

  • Sixly, If you are in a bad packet of traffic with cars with attitude, or if someone is messing with you, then either slow down and let them pass, or hit the throttle to 160mph and leave them a couple of miles behind like I do. I have NO time for assholes or road rage.