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Cyclesquads Mobile Motorcycle Repair, mobile scooter repair and service in San Diego, CA.

    Please read this information below, fill out the form completely so I can best serve you, then we BOTH can be efficient with our time and money. Contact form is mandatory for work!!!

This form is NOT a contract to work until we set an appt time over the phone, so don't worry! If i already talked to you on the phone then fill out the contact form & I will contact you ASAP to make an APPT on the phone when i have an appt time to offer you. If i haven't talked to you then i will call you after i look over your contact form to let you know i received it. Thanks!

  • If some things are unknown please research them.I need this info to give you a proper quote.Only the address field is optional!

  • By filling out this contact form YOU acknowledge that I have a $100 minimum for new customers. $80 or less for returning customers.
  • DO NOT take days off from work for your Appt. I work 7 days a week so i can make an appt for you anytime.2nd or 3rd appt's might be late or have to rescheduled due to earlier appt's running overtime.If i have to reschedule you, i will give you a 20% discount on the total.
  • You also acknowledge that payment is due EACH day of service, at the end of the service, and you are responsible to pay EVERY day I work for you. I DO NOT RUN TABS, sorry.
  • I DO NOT guarantee your bike to run for any amount of money. No mechanic does this, I don't either!NO GUARANTEES!!!
  • I reserve the right to REFUSE or STOP service at any time for any reason, given or not. This includes before or after i contact you.
  • By contacting and/or using my service, you agree to NOT give me any Yelp ratings below 5 stars. If you POST a negative yelp review, or one with less than 5 stars, or ANY negative public review, then you agree to pay me $10,000 for damages to my business, and also pay for my lawyer, further damages, and my time, as a prelude to court. You also agree NOT to take me to court for any reason, and to work out any problems you have with me respectfully. Should you decide to take me to court, then you agree to pay me an additional $10,000 for damages, just as a start, before court and also agree to pay ALL my lawyers fee's and my time. thank you!
  • If you are a jerk, asshole, moron, hater, bad review Yelper, bad reviewer of any kind, drug addict, racist, homophobe, then MOVE ALONG! The last thing I want to do is help your vehicles run good. I'd rather starve & die!       ATTN! 2017: i now serve morons!
  • You agree that my service is optional and if you don't like my terms then you don't have to agree to them, & are free to call another mechanic and have them fix your bike. no hard feelings.
  • I can promise you that I will do my very best, be honest, work quickly with perfection, and be the lifetime mechanic you need.
  • You promise that you will communicate clearly & with respect. If you have any problems you will relay them to me & we will work them out like human beings. thank you.