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Cyclesquads Mobile Motorcycle Repair, mobile scooter repair and service in San Diego, CA.

    Please read this information below, fill out the form completely so I can best serve you, then we BOTH can be efficient with our time and money. Contact form is mandatory for work!!!

This form is NOT a contract to work until we set an appt time over the phone, so don't worry! If i already talked to you on the phone then fill out the contact form & I will contact you ASAP to make an APPT on the phone when i have an appt time to offer you. If i haven't talked to you then i will call you after i look over your contact form to let you know i received it. Thanks!

  • If some things are unknown please research them.I need this info to give you a proper quote.Only the address field is optional!

  • By filling out this contact form YOU acknowledge that I have a $100 minimum for new customers. $80 or less for returning customers.
  • DO NOT take days off from work for your Appt. I work 7 days a week so I can make an appt for you anytime.2nd or 3rd appt's might be late or have to rescheduled due to earlier appt's running overtime.If I have to reschedule you, i will give you a 20% discount on the total.
  • You also acknowledge that payment is due EACH day of service, at the end of the service, and you are responsible to pay EVERY day I work for you. NO TABS.
  • I DO NOT guarantee your bike to run for ANY amount of money. No mechanic does this, I don't either.
  • The price I give you is an ESTIMATE. That means it might be more or less price than the estimate once the problem(s) are found.
  • I reserve the right to REFUSE or STOP service at any time for any reason, given or not. This includes before or after I contact you.
  • I can promise you that I will do my very best, be honest, work quickly with perfection, and be the lifetime mechanic you need.
  • You promise that you will communicate clearly & with respect. If you have any problems you will relay them to me & we will work them out like human beings. thank you!