Hello, my name is Darren and I'm the only owner/operator/mechanic for Cyclesquads. I am 43 years old and a native of San Diego, CA since 1971. I have been working on mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles for 31 years now. I started when I was 12 years old and I fixed two Honda express mopeds and made $250 profit on each one. When i was 15 I got my first Vespa, a 1978 P200E. I rebuilt the motor and entire bike a few times and rode that to high school until I graduated. Yes that means successfully rebuilding the Vespa motor very successfully at only 15 years old. My Vespa was modified for racing as well, NOT stock at all. I learned a lot from Fabio and Darren of the late Vespa Supershop at 2525 university ave. (gone now, but not forgotten!)

     From high school on I had many scooters and motorcycles. I also shared bikes with friends, that's how we did it back in the day. I never wanted to work in a shop because they are totally corrupted, full of thieves and liars. Mostly. So I always taught myself or got advice from shops so I could learn more. A few years after high school I built a 1972 CB450 cafe racer, totally powder-coated red on frame, swingarm, and 30 parts. I loved it and rode it for many years. I did all the porting, polishing, performance work, and also drilled my own brake rotor in my old high school metal shop!After that I fell in love with cafe racers, Honda in particular. I prefer to ride a cafe racer or a crotch rocket. My dream bike in progress is a combination of both!!! I'm making a 1994 VFR750 cafe racer for myself, my dream bike.

      I always have a couple of projects I'm working on, making very special bikes. My latest creation is ANOTHER military crotch rocket, a 1994 Katana 600 (gsx600). It's a stealth, black ops theme done in matte black. It comes with 7" TV screen on handlebars, HD cameras front and rear, NIGHT VISION front and rear, stealth knife, Glock handgun, cigarette light/usb charger, complete red light kit inside bike and on the ground, jetted carbs, 4 into 1 exhaust with shorty Yoshimura can, racing clutch/springs, license plate hiding system, turn signal bar ends, total restoration of entire bike, and more. This would be like if the navy seals or black ops forces issued you a bike, this is what it would look like and also do. Fully functional add-ons! This bike will do over 160MPH easy, yet a beginner could ride it.

     The bottom line is I have spent many years working on bikes, and riding bikes. I love bikes!!! I would never do shotty work, over-charge you, cheat, or lie to you. I was ripped off on my Vespa motor rebuild when I was 15 and lost $700 to dick mechanic. that's 1985 $700 when I'm 15. After that I did all my work no matter how good it was. I have never worked at a shop and I'm PROUD of that. Like I always say, "I don't work at shops, I'm trying to go to heaven."

I will fix your bike as fast as I can while keeping the highest quality of repair. My prices aren't the cheapest of everybody, and never will be. But they are very affordable and medium-priced comparatively. A shop charges between $90-120/hr and you still have to take your bike to them. If you don't like the quote then you have to move your bike AGAIN. Mobile service is a no-brainer, and a privileged and exclusive service. I can fix anything and I love to fix chinese scooters, where no one else will do it. I have worked on the cheapest to the most expensive bikes in the world and they all get the same great service from me. There is NO other MASTER mechanic that does mobile service in this entire city. Let me be your permanent mechanic for your bike, and you won't be sorry. Thank You!