A 1989? CBR600 I was restoring in Seattle until I found out the motor was frozen & dead. Loss of $400 plus labor. check to see if motor turns 1st! I got lied to.

My old 1972 CB450 cafe racer. Started in 1992, almost finished in 1994 and sold to a friend in need. In mexico now.

As in the videos above, my 1976 Honda goldwing cafe racer. Totally Cherry!!!

My favorite so far until I finish the black ops version of this. This is a 1994 gsx600 katana, custom military theme.

Here's a fire up of the goldwing bike. Sounds awesome with cherry bomb open pipes. This is a real cafe racer.

Here's a 1987 GPZ1000 ninja that I had to quick finish and sell to make rent. No theme, but totally restored, modified, and goes over 200mph.

Here's the 1976 honda goldwing cafe racer I built with a friend financing the project. "lucky 13" is her name.....

     Below are some pictures of bikes I have finished or almost finished in the past. Below those are pictures of current projects and also future projects. I have a military stealth sport bike coming out soon in a few weeks, then after that I will finish the paint/powder coating on my personal bike (1994 VFR750 cafe racer), and then 2 Honda CB cafe racers, a 1968 CB350 and a 1971 CB750 (unfinished Carpy Italian project / www.cb750cafe.com).

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This is a first year 1968 CB350. It will be a cafe racer but still have an original classic look to it. Ported, elec. ignition, white frame, whitewalls, Does the 1/4 mile in 13 secs! Will be done in 2015.

Here's my 1987 GPZ1000 ninja I had to quick sell for rent. Still complete and modified. Goes over 200 mph!!! Fastest production bike in the world 1986-88.

My current project, a 1994 gsx600 katana "black-ops" stealth theme. Has 7" tv screen, cameras, night vision!, red light kit, knife, gun, cig lighter/usb charger, shorty exhaust, jetted, etc!!!

Here's my dream bike I am building for myself. It'll be a combo of cafe racer & crotch rocket. Dry weight 360lbs! 115HP and climbing. Needs paint & I will make a custom cafe seat for it. This bike has both beauty and brawn! it's a sleeper!

Cool Prototypes I found!!!